Charting Nepal’s Path to a $100 Billion Economy: A Dialogue with Swarnim Waglé, MP

Welcome to The Great Nepali Diaspora’s official event recap, where we dive into the incredible gathering that took place at Stanford University – “Imagining a $100B Nepali Economy: A Conversation with Dr. Swarnim Waglé.”

At this captivating event, our esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Swarnim Waglé, illuminated our minds with his remarkable insights and invaluable expertise, delving deep into the potential of Nepal’s future economy. Dr. Wagle’s vision for a prosperous Nepal left us all inspired and motivated to be part of the change.

Here, you can explore the highlights, key takeaways, and the spirit of unity that filled the room as we collectively pondered Nepal’s journey towards a $100 billion economy.

Highlights from the Event:

  1. Inspiration Unveiled: Dr. Swarnim Waglé’s visionary ideas and passion for a prosperous Nepal left a lasting impact, igniting the flames of change in all of us.

  2. Thoughtful Discussions: Engaging conversations, thought-provoking questions, and meaningful dialogues took center stage as we explored the roadmap to economic transformation.

  3. Community Unity: The event brought together the vibrant Nepali diaspora, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared aspirations for Nepal’s future.

  4. Invaluable Insights: Dr. Waglé’s profound knowledge provided a unique perspective on how we can collectively contribute to Nepal’s economic growth.

This event wasn’t just a one-time gathering; it’s part of a broader movement to reshape Nepal’s economic future. The Great Nepali Diaspora is committed to making a difference. We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey towards a stronger, more prosperous Nepal.

Stay connected, stay informed, and stay inspired. Together, we can imagine and create a $100 billion Nepali economy!

Glimpse of the program: