Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa

Welcome to the collaborative efforts of “Focus for Cause” USA and “Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa” Nepal, two organizations committed to breaking down barriers and providing proper education to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Mission

At “Focus for Cause” and “Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa,” our shared mission is to bridge the education gap and empower children in need with the knowledge they deserve. We firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for every child.

About "Focus for Cause" USA

“Focus for Cause” USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting educational initiatives around the world. We are driven by the belief that every child, regardless of their socioeconomic background, deserves access to quality education.

About "Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa" Nepal

“Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa” is a passionate nonprofit organization based in Nepal. Our organization is committed to providing educational opportunities to children living in impoverished regions of Nepal.

Our Collaboration

Recognizing the power of collaboration, “Focus for Cause” USA and “Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa” Nepal have joined forces to make a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged students in Nepal. Together, we are working towards:

  • Scholarship Programs: Providing scholarships to deserving students to cover their educational expenses, including tuition, books, and uniforms.

  • Access to Resources: Ensuring that students have access to essential educational resources, such as textbooks, school supplies, and learning materials.

  • Infrastructure Development: Collaboratively working on building and improving school infrastructure to create a conducive learning environment.

Recent Activities

Together, “Focus for Cause” USA and “Sree Pasupati Gyan Sewa” Nepal are committed to making quality education accessible to every child, regardless of their background.

Abiral Pandey
Om Mane Public School

Rajesh Pandey
Om Mane Public School

Ritu Suchikar
class: 6
Age: 13
Orchid Academy Nuwakot

Rijan Suchikar
Orchid Academy Nuwakot

Snapshots of Opportunity: Fueling Education

Discover the smiles and dreams in our student photos—each one a gift towards their education journey. These snapshots aren’t just pictures; they’re investments in futures filled with promise and potential. Join us as we celebrate the power of giving and the joy of learning.